Digital Faculty Fellows work with NMSU educators to bring digital learning to life.


The Digital Faculty Fellows mission is to help bring digital learning content to life create engaging and memorable online experiences for students.

Dear Aggie Welcomes Your Teaching Questions

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Dear Aggie


Louiza Fouli,

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and I specialize is in the area of Commutative Algebra. For many semesters I have coordinated our Calculus II course and I began teaching online when classes shifted to online delivery in Spring 2020. Online teaching and learning has revealed the need to keep well organized, and I love sharing organized lecture notes and other materials for my students through zoom and canvas. As a Digital Faculty Fellow, I hope to become a resource for other instructors on campus and to aid our efforts for more effective digital learning. Learn more


Gina Lawrence
I am a College Track Assistant Professor in the English Department, where I teach technical communication and courses in gender studies. I consider myself a digital native, starting my experience with online learning while in community college in the early 2000s and having taught writing courses online since 2011. I love that online learning allows our students to become more critical readers and writers, by teaching them how to find information for themselves and to communicate clearly and professionally with classmates and instructors. As a Digital Faculty Fellow, I hope to demystify online teaching by making it more accessible for instructors and more engaging for students. Learn more.


Jeffrey Longwell
My name is Dr. Jeff Longwell, I am a College Professor of Spanish, and I Coordinate the Spanish 1110, 1120, 2110, and 2120 course sequence in the Department of Languages & Linguistics. Additionally, I am the Graduate Director of as the MA in Spanish Programs (On-campus and completely Online). I have been teaching online since 2003, after receiving a grant to develop an online Spanish course. That lead to the development of a completely online MA program, in which I have been teaching since its inception in AY 2008-2009, and directing since 2011. I enjoy teaching online and providing online learning experiences because it provides access to education that otherwise might not be available to working students, rural students, or students that aren’t able to pick up and move to a new place in order to pursue their educational goals. Learn more.


Patricia McGregor-Mendoza
I’m Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza; I’m a Professor of Spanish and Linguistics. I have been teaching with web support since about 1997, but have taught wholly online courses since 2008. What I love about online teaching and learning is that we have the opportunity to provide education that is accessible to people who work full time, who live in remote locations, and who are entering or re-entering academia at different points in their lives. As a Digital Faculty Fellow, I’d like to help faculty streamline their course prep, improve their students’ experience and reduce the time faculty spend on grading. Learn more.


Rajeev Nirmalakhandan
I’m a faculty member at the Creative Media Institute and I teach Digital Filmmaking courses. For the past three semesters, I have tepidly explored, learned, and come to reap the benefits of digital learning. What I love about online learning are the digital tools that can greatly improve organization and course delivery while at the same time open up opportunities for small group and individual student interactions. As a digital faculty fellow, I want to diminish any fears or misconceptions of online education and showcase all the ways it can foster a robust learning environment both for the student and the faculty member. Learn more.


Michele Shuster
I am a Professor in the Biology Department, with an emphasis on biology teaching and learning. I have always used Canvas in my in-person courses, but since the pandemic, I have taught both synchronous and asynchronous courses online, and am currently teaching a blended/flipped course in the TEAL classroom. While online teaching and learning can be challenging, it can also be rewarding- my online students talk about how they have grown as learners by taking online classes. As a DFF, I hope that I can be a resource, fellow brainstormer and trouble shooter as we all keep navigating this online, hybrid and blended teaching landscape. Learn more.